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MailPOST Guarantees Delivery to 99% of Households

When you deliver to 5000 homes, we guarantee that 4,950 people will receive your flyer!

Reach more customers with Australia's most powerful way of advertising!

The Australian public have spoken and they're telling you how they want to be reached..

Small and large businesses are increasingly benefiting from flyer distribution in letterboxes, and more consumers prefer to be contacted through letterbox drops than any other form of advertising. Why is that?

Letterbox Advertising 62%
TV Advertising 52%
Press Advertising 40%
Radio Advertising 32%
Email Advertising 25%

When a consumer receives a flyer in their letterbox it tends to feel more direct and personal opposed to receiving hundreds of promotional emails in their inbox. Australian households on average receive less than two promotional items in their letterbox per week, you can take advantage of this uncluttered channel to get your message across. When a potential customer takes your flyer or other promotional material inside, they read them in the relaxed, private atmosphere of their own home. Having to go through all your emails or flick past online ads can be frustrating whereas giving the consumer the option to go through the mail at the end of the day gives your reader a chance to really absorb your messages.

the process

Schedule Booking

In most cases, we work with a two week lead time unless your flyer distribution is processed and approved as a rush order. As soon as you book, we schedule your letterbox distribution right away.

Distribution Starts

Letterbox distribution is assigned to the Owner Operator in the selected area and commences to be delivered within the agreed delivery time.

Update & Report

Our experienced team in Operations update you throughout the distribution so you are in the loop, followed by auditing of the GPS report by our Auditing Department once completed.

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