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MAILPOST provides cutting edge promotional print and distribution services to local,  regional and corporate advertisers. Our unique delivery model stands out amongst smaller operators and is unmatched by the larger service providers.

MAILPOST launched its services during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 with over 600 franchised postal contracts in major cities across Australia. This era heralded unprecedented growth for a franchised businesses in Australia. The popularity of the MailPost model caught the attention of not only prospective franchisees but also International Postal providers as an innovative system and last mile network to deliver within Australia.

MAILPOST PIONEERED the world’s first franchised letterbox delivery system at the walker-level and incorporating the then latest GPS Technology as a method to provide customers with guaranteed proof of delivery and transparency. MailPost was five years ahead of its time and now its launching MailPost Phase II, the next generation business model is believed to be the evolution of Print and Post in Australia.

MailPost Phase II has begun its roll-out and offers Australian business an even better delivery system that is close to “delivery perfection”. Furthermore, Phase II offers business minded people the opportunity to join MailPost without risk and a share in a big market which includes a FREE STORE with no investment or risk, we say its “better than a franchise”.

During the last six years, MAILPOST has matured it business model and systems and has abolished franchise fees. This amounts to a great opportunity for the area operators joining the MailPost business in the next big phase of its Growth. Monetary investment is no longer a stumbling block to attaining good people.

Five years ago, in its start-up phase, MailPost encountered challenges with government bodies over its franchise disclosure documentation and franchisee recruitment advertising. A technical story that went wrong, however after a nine-month inquiry into the MailPost business the matter was settled and MailPost became all the better for it. The inquiry gave rise to the opportunity of many franchisees breaking away and starting their own MailPost copy business, however, MailPost’s core intellectual property, which includes the geo-location of all letterboxes and its proprietary GPS-ROUTED AUDIT systems, its vision and purpose still sets the standard for all to follow.

Irrespective of any initial challenges faced by a start-up business, MAILPOST has matured through the storms and the management has shown resilience to the challenges of a Global Financial Crisis and governance issues. MailPost was and will be a major player in the Australian Postal arena with plans to set up fully automated Postal Stores across Australia and establish the best delivery Network bar none over the next few years.

MAILPOST is an all Australian business that was a brave entrant to an already existing and inefficient distribution network that has existed for decades. Many business owners have felt the pain of inefficient and dishonest delivery operators and that is why MailPost exists. When it comes to Letterbox Delivery we offer an unprecedented quality of service.

We know what you want and that is the reason why MailPost satisfies and puts you first, so the relationship is sure to last.

  • You want every single one of your pamphlets delivered without fail;
  • You also want transparent Audited Proof of Delivery;
  • You want rates that are at least 40% Cheaper than Australia Post;
  • You want to stand out singularly not bundled or shrink-wrapped.

The MailPost services have evolved during the last six years to adapt to a technologically advancing world. Offline and Online marketing has forged a strong partnership and MailPost has evolved in offering much more than the best in print and distribution services.

We welcome you to try our services and experience the difference that only our infrastructure and pioneering spirit can provide your business. Click here to receive a superfast quotation or have a friendly chat with one of our consultants on 1300 624 576.



To enable sustainable growth for our customers business

through the BEST VALUE in print and letterbox distribution

ensuring that each and every targeted household and business

receives their promotions without fail, each and every time.

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