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Flyer Distribution

MailPOST delivers all different shapes and sizes of promotional material to households across Australia from flyer sizes of DL, A4, A5, A6 to custom die cut shapes.

Distribution Guarantee

GPS Tracked & Audited

No Junk Mail Delivery Available

Owner Operated Network

MailPOST Guarantees Delivery to 99% of Households

When you deliver to 5000 homes, we guarantee that 4,950 people will receive your flyer!

A4 (210mm 297mm)

A4 to DL Menu Printing Sydney

A5 (148mm x 210mm)

A5 Flyer Printing Sydney

A6 (105mm x 148mm)

A6 Flyer Printing Sydney

DL (99mm x 210mm)

DL Flyer Printing Sydney

Die Cut/Custom

Die-Cut Prinitng Sydney

MailPOST is an elite letterbox distribution company and a leader in the direct mail industry. We offer an all-round service from start to finish of design, print & flyer distribution.

Our team of graphics designers are experienced and talented having created flyer designs that brought in many new customers for our clients with a punching offer, vibrant design and clear call to action.
Our network is established with Owner Operators that manage their own dedicated regions, this model ensures that the person delivering your flyer cares about your flyer distribution campaign and delivers proficiently as they are business owners, not here today day and gone tomorrow. All our Owner Operators routes are GPS tracked and then audited to provide you with proof of distribution and peace of mind.

Wondering if flyer distribution is right for your business? Read our article to learn more about flyer distribution.

the process

Schedule Booking

In most cases, we work with a two week lead time unless your flyer distribution is processed and approved as a rush order. As soon as you book, we schedule your letterbox distribution right away.

Distribution Starts

Flyer distribution is assigned to the Owner Operator in the selected area and commences to be delivered within the agreed delivery time.

Update & Report

Our experienced team in Operations update you throughout the distribution so you are in the loop, followed by auditing of the GPS report by our Auditing Department once completed.

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